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Prime Acrobatics: Membership Terms & Conditions

Class Enrolment:

Before booking a taster session or enroling into a class, all fees must be up to date and the full amount of any previous outstanding balances settled.

Monthly Fees:

Class fees are payable in advance on the first of every month to secure your child’s place on our register. Our preferred payment method is Direct Debit which can be set up through the Club Portal. In the case of a Direct Debit payment failing, we ask that the fees are settled via an alternative method. Please contact the office if you have any queries.

Cancellation Notice Period:

You can cancel your child’s Prime membership at any time by giving a minimum of 4 weeks’ written notice by email. Any outstanding fees must be paid before your cancellation is accepted. If you pay by Direct Debit this will be automatically debited. No membership fees will be refunded for the month in which you cancel, and fees will still be payable for any portion of the following month covered within this notice period. We will notify you of the date of your child’s last payable class, and fees will be payable whether or not they attend classes during the notice period.

Refunds and Account Credit:

For those who do not pay by Direct Debit (eg standing order, bank transfer):

  • Refunds can only be given where fees have been overpaid. There will be an administration fee of £5 for repayments of overpayments made (eg when a member has left but does not cancel their standing order). We cannot offer refunds for monthly fees, unused make-up credits, classes missed due to natural disasters (including pandemics) or situations beyond our control.
  • The class fees for drop-in classes and short courses are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • When a member leaves the club and there is a credit balance on their account, we will notify them of this and offer a refund at the time of leaving.  
  • If the offer of a refund is not taken up, a Direct Debit is not in place and the credit on the account is £20 or less we will hold that amount for 3 months from the member’s final day in the club. After this time, if a refund has not been requested, we will treat the credit as member income and the account will be closed.
  • If the offer of a refund is not taken up, a Direct Debit is not in place and the credit on the account is more than £20, we will email and text the member 1 month and 2 months after their final day in the club, then telephone twice. If the member does not contact us for a refund within 6 months of leaving the club, and having been sent two emails and two telephone calls, the credit will be treated as member income and the account will be closed.

Make-up Credits for Pre-cancelled Classes:

As we are open for 47 weeks of the year, we appreciate your child might occasionally miss some classes. As a goodwill gesture, we offer members the chance to reschedule (‘make up’) classes in certain circumstances. 

To make use of this benefit, parents must give Prime prior notice, via Gymscope (Club Portal), a minimum of 2 hours before the start of the class that their child is unable to attend. To encourage parents to cancel early, the notice period given for each class to be missed will affect the expiry date of the make-up credit given as follows (expiry dates are from the date and time of the class cancelled):

  • 7+ days’ notice – make-up credit valid for 6 months 
  • 1+ days’ notice – make-up credit valid for 3 months
  • 2+ hours’ notice – make-up credit valid for 1 month
  • < 2 hours’ notice – no make-up credit

Subject to class availability, parents will then be able to reschedule an alternative class through Gymscope from 14 days and up to 1 hour before the start of the class. 

Please note:

  • Make-up credits on accounts at 3 May 2022 were given an expiry date of 31 March 2023.  
  • Make-up credits are only offered to those in our weekly general Club classes and not for drop-in classes, short courses or focused training (Plus Groups/ Display).
  • Class cancellations and make-up sessions must be arranged through Gymscope https://prime.gymscope.uk. Failing that, please visit the office or call 01483 755777. We cannot arrange make-up sessions via email.
  • Make-up credits will not be awarded or be able to be redeemed if an account is more than one month in arrears.
  • Make-up credits will not be given retrospectively when classes have been missed but not pre-cancelled.
  • Booked make-up sessions cannot be cancelled and then rescheduled.
  • During ‘Reward Weeks’, children in our Club classes (Gyminis through to Teens) are only allowed to attend a total of two classes over the fortnight – whether they are their normal classes or make-up sessions.  
  • Make-up credits are non-transferable and can only be used while your child is still an active member in class (ie cannot be booked if they are frozen or have left the club and are no longer on a class register).
  • Make-up credits and sessions are subject to availability and not a given right as part of the membership. These are subject to the discretion of the Directors of Prime Acrobatics and in any dispute the Managing Director’s decision is final.
  • Make-up credits have no monetary value and cannot be used as payment for class fees, short courses or in lieu of our 4-week notice period.

Injury/Health Policy:

Any injury or long-term illness that means a member is unable to attend classes for at least 2 months must be notified to us by email. If you discuss such an injury/ illness with office staff by phone or in person, please send a follow up email.

If such an injury is sustained inside our gym, at the Directors’ discretion the member’s fees will be suspended but their place in class will be held open until the member is ready to return.

If such an injury was sustained elsewhere, at the Directors’ discretion the parent will be offered 2 options:

    1. They can continue to pay monthly fees to retain their child’s place on the register. The specific classes the member can’t attend can be cancelled and make-up credits with a 6-month expiry will be given. The child can then return to class as soon as they are able.
    2.  The parent can freeze their child’s membership while they recover. Normal monthly fees will not be due, and the child’s place will be offered to another gymnast if the class is full. When we are notified that the child is ready to return, we will offer them the next space that becomes available in their normal class. See Freezing Memberships below.

Freezing Membership:

At the Directors’ discretion, memberships can be frozen in cases of medium to long-term injury or illness, unavoidable circumstances, or when a gymnast needs to change their current class and we can’t yet accommodate their move request. 

The minimum period for freezing is 2 months, the maximum is 1 year. The membership freeze will begin 7 days from the date the request is approved. 

Before we are able to freeze a space, any outstanding fees must be settled and 1 month’s fees must be paid on account, which will be left as credit until the gymnast either returns or gives notice. These payments must be paid by cash or a credit/debit card at the time of requesting the freeze – they cannot be collected by Direct Debit. If a member has an active Direct Debit in place, monthly fees will not be taken until the gymnast returns to classes.  

When the member returns, this credit will be used for fees for their first month back. If the member gives notice whilst frozen, this credit will be used for the notice period. 

When the member is ready to return, we cannot guarantee a space will immediately be available, but we will offer the next available place in the member’s normal class. 

If membership was frozen because we couldn’t accommodate a move request, once we are able to offer the preferred day, the new class must be accepted with immediate effect and joined within 10 days. If the space is not accepted, 4 weeks’ notice should be given and, if applicable, the child added back to the waiting list. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform Prime if their preferred day has changed and this can only be changed once.

We may request confirmation from your medical practitioner that your child is fit to return to acrobatic activities.

Exceptional Circumstances Policy:

In the event of severe weather, a pandemic or natural disaster, please refer to our social media pages where we will clearly indicate if we are still running classes. If we have enough staff in place, and we consider it safe to do so, we will provide our normal service. In these circumstances it will be your decision whether you decide to travel to and from our centre. Where practical, we will email and/ or SMS members to notify them if their class has been cancelled. We do not offer refunds for adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, pandemics or situations beyond our control.

  • If we have to cancel a regular general class for our own reasons, we will apply a make-up credit with a 6-month expiry date to the member accounts affected. 
  • If we have to cancel a short-course session or a pay-as-you-go session for our own reasons, the cost of that session will be credited to your Prime account to be used for future bookings.

Participation Rules:

These rules are written for parents of members of Prime Acrobatics who are under the age of 16. Please take the time to read these carefully and adhere to the rules. This will ensure your child is safe and gets the best experience from their sessions.

What to Wear:

  • Correct attire in the gym is essential for safety. We have our own uniform (leotards, shorts and T-shirts) available to buy from the office, but for new members we suggest close fitting leggings or shorts and T-shirts. Baggy clothes, jeans, crop tops and hooded tops are not allowed.
  • Gymnasts should not wear socks or shoes in the gym. If a member has a medical condition that requires them to wear socks then gym socks or sticky soled socks can be worn, but please check with the office or their coach.
  • No jewellery, watches or wristbands can be worn.
  • Long hair must be safely tied back.
  • If your child needs to wear glasses in the gym please make sure they are shatterproof and fitted securely.
  • Face paints and any mud must be removed before entering the gym. 

Before the Class:

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before the session so the class can start on time.
  • Please make sure your child has used the toilet before the start of their session to avoid unnecessary interruptions to the class.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the gym at any time. There is a water fountain situated inside the gym.
  • If there are any specific needs or situations regarding your child please make sure the office is aware. All medical conditions or special needs must be entered on the enrolment form and updated whenever there is any change.
  • If your child has had a knock or bump before the class please make the coach aware before they start.

During the Class:

  • We ask that all parents or carers of children in Fledglings, Gyminis and Junior 1 remain in the building for the duration of the session so that we can find you if your child is upset or needs assistance using the toilet.
  • Please refrain from entering the gym or interrupting a session to speak to coaching staff. If you need to speak to a member of the coaching staff, please ask at the office and we will endeavour to arrange this for the end of the session. An appointment to speak with a coach can be arranged through the office.
  • To protect our members, we have a strict NO unauthorised photos or videos rule at Prime Acrobatics.
  • Please remember you are responsible for other children in your care in all areas of our centre at all times.

After the Class:

  • Please make sure someone is there on time to pick up your child at the end of the session and that your child knows who will pick them up. Your child will only be allowed to leave when they confirm the person picking them up is present. If you know you will be delayed please let the office know.

Behavioural Rules:

At Prime we want to create a fun and safe environment for all members and staff. We therefore ask you to support us in helping your child to understand the following behavioural rules:

All participants are expected to –

  1. Always listen carefully to the coach’s instructions.
  2. Only use the equipment the coach has asked them to use.
  3. Be polite, patient and wait for their turn.
  4. Be considerate of others.
  5. Never use bad language.
  6. Understand that no form of bullying or harassment, physical or verbal, will be tolerated.
  7. Be good diplomats for Prime Acrobatics.

We have a 3-strike policy and conversations with parents about behaviour will be documented. If we have repeated conversations about a member’s behaviour, we may be left with no choice but to remove their membership for the benefit of others in the class.

If the Gym Manager believes a child or adult is a danger to themselves or others because they are not following our coaches’ instructions, they will be removed from the gym immediately.

Parents are expected to behave respectfully to each other and to Prime staff. Rudeness, abuse, swearing, shouting, violence and inappropriate behaviour, whether in person, on the phone or by email, will not be tolerated and may result in your membership being cancelled or refused.

These Terms & Conditions are subject to change. The most current version can always be seen on Prime’s website. Last updated 25 August 2023.

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