Club privacy notice:

Please click here to review and download our Prime Acrobatics privacy notice.


Monthly fees:

Class fees are payable by standing order on the first of every month to secure your child’s/children’s place on our register. Please check with the office if you need our details to set-up your payments or have any queries. Prime Acrobatics is open 47 weeks of the year (including half terms and most Bank Holidays).


Notice period:

You can cancel your child’s/children’s membership at Prime Acrobatics at the end of any month by giving a minimum of 1 full months’ notice and ensuring any outstanding fees are paid. No refunds will be issued on fees if membership is stopped prior to the current month ending. Once you cancel your membership and have covered any outstanding fees please remember to cancel your standing order.

Refunds can only be offered where fees have been overpaid. We cannot offer refunds for annual membership, missed classes due to natural disasters and any situation out of our control.


Make-up missed classes:

As we are open for 47 weeks of the year, we appreciate you will be away at some point and miss some classes. To accommodate this, we offer three opportunities to make up these classes within each academic year (September to August). Members will need to give the office at least 24 hours prior notice of any date they are unable to attend. We will then endeavour to re-schedule the member in to an alternative class. This can only be booked 7 days in advance and is subject to availability.

Please Note;

  • These make-up classes cannot be offered retrospectively where 24 hours notice was not given.
  • Unused make-up sessions cannot be re-scheduled or refunded.
  • Only THREE classes can be re-scheduled in any academic year unless there are exceptional circumstances. This will then be at the discretion of the directors.
  • All contact regarding these sessions must be made by visiting the office or calling 01483 755777. We cannot arrange make-up sessions via email.
  • Make-up sessions are offered subject to availability and by the discretion of the Prime acrobatics staff. They are not guaranteed as part of your membership.
  • We can not offer make-up sessions during ‘Reward Weeks’.


Participation rules:

These rules are written for parents and or guardians to adhere to who have children as members of Prime Acrobatics under the age of 16.

What to wear?

  • For your child’s session we ask that NO jeans, crop-tops, hoods, dresses or loose clothing are worn. Tight fitted shorts and t-shirts are most suitable.
  • Prime Acrobatics official attire is encouraged after the first month of enrolment. Leotards, shorts and T-shirts can be purchased from our office.
  • We have a strict no shoes and socks policy in the gym.
  • All long hair should be suitably tied back.
  • If your child needs to wear glasses please ensure these are shatterproof, ideally flexible framed and secure.
  • To comply with the British Gymnastic rules: please make sure your children do not go into the gym wearing any jewellery, wristbands or watches. Newly pierced stud earrings need to be covered with protective tape but must be removed as soon as possible (normally after six-weeks). Failure to conform may render the individual’s insurance invalid should an accident result directly from non-compliance.

Before class:

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of your child’s class and ensure they are ready to participate.
  • Please encourage your child to use the toilet room before their class to avoid any unnecessary interruptions.
  • No one should ever enter the gym without a coach of member of Prime staff present.
  • We do not allow any food or water bottles to be taken inside the gym. We have a water fountain should children require to drink during their class.
  • Face paint and any mud should be removed before entering the gym.
  • If you have any specific circumstances or conditions surrounding your child, we ask that you please provide this information in advance and stated on your child’s enrolment form. This should be to either the coach leading your child’s class or a member of the office staff.

During class:

  • Parents and or guardians of children under 5 years old should remain on site at all times during class.
  • We ask for all parents and or guardians to refrain from interrupting classes to speak to a member of staff. (Coaches will endeavour to make time before/after class or alternatively you can book an appointment with a coach through the office).
  • Please remember that you are responsible for other children in your care at the centre at all times. To protect all our members, we have a strict NO unauthorised photography and video rule here at Prime Acrobatics.

After class:

  • For those with children attending after school classes, please ensure you are here promptly to collect your child from inside the building at the end of each session.
  • A pattern of late collections will result in a discussion with us and could also result in the imposition of extra charges.


At Prime we strongly encourage a fun safe working environment for all, we therefore ask for your support in helping your child to understand the following behavioural rules:

All participants are expected to:

  1. Always listen carefully to the instruction of the coach.
  2. Refrain from using any equipment unless instructed to do so.
  3. Be polite, patient and wait for their turn.
  4. Be considerate of others.
  5. Refrain from using bad language.
  6. Understand that any form of bullying and harassment is not acceptable.
  7. Be good diplomats for Prime Acrobatics.


Injury policy;

In case of injury:

  • If the injury was sustained outside the gym we will suspend the member’s fees, but the place will be offered to the waiting list. When the member is ready to return we will endeavour to find the next available place to enable them to return to their normal class.
  • If an injury is sustained in the gym the fees and the place will be suspended until the member is ready to return.


Severe weather policy – events beyond our control:

In the event of severe weather and/or natural disasters please refer to our website and Facebook page, where we will clearly indicate if we’re still running classes. If we still have sufficient staff in place, we will provide our normal service. During these circumstances, it will be your decision on traveling to and from the centre.

Please be aware that we do not issue refunds for adverse weather conditions, natural disasters and any other situations out of our control. If we do unfortunately need to make cancelations, we will endeavour to make up any lost days and provide an option to attend classes during our closed periods.


Many thanks,

The Prime Acrobatics Team


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