A truly rounded and worthwhile experience

As a not for profit organisation we keep our fees to a minimum. We pride ourselves in being all inclusive and our Acrobatics For All programme is based on the notion that it is for everybody, regardless of gender, age, ability or financial situation. In particular circumstances bursaries and scholarships are available.

Our Acrobatics for All classes are underpinned by the core training principles of Artistic Gymnastics and incorporate elements from across all disciplines. Prime is also one of the only centres in the UK that includes circus arts such as tight wire, aerial hoop, trapeze and more into our general class programme.

At Prime we strongly believe in providing variety within our classes to ensure a truly rounded and worthwhile experience. We also offer a wide range of focused courses under the acrobatics umbrella, aerial classes, handstand, baby and parent fitness and more.

Our classes do not typically follow the school system, they run for 47 weeks of the year continuing through half terms with one week off at Easter, two during the summer and two at Christmas. Each class is paid for monthly by Standing Order and varies in cost relating to its duration. For more information on the price of each class please contact us.

Prime is a member of our sport’s governing body, British Gymnastics, and members are covered for insurance either by our block insurance or their own BG membership.

Download our current timetable here.