We exist to promote fun, learning and exercise

Why We Are Here

Our centre has become a necessity in today’s fast paced world. Children and young people can all too easily find themselves plugged into electronic devices and not getting enough physical exercise. We want to inspire both the current and the next generations to be physically active to support good health.

Early Learning

Our preschool programme supports the learning of key motor skills at early ages. Parents bring their little ones to our parent-and-child sessions to develop strength, co-ordination and more. Our parent-free classes allow young children to develop social skills alongside their physical development. Taking part in our preschool classes is often the first chance for babies and toddler to listen to instructions and follow a class from our qualified coaches.

Continued Development

Our range of classes supports physical and cognitive development through all ages. As children and young people develop we can challenge them progressively. Training circus skills also allows for artistic expression. Prime Acrobatics is here to provide a safe and creative space to support everyone’s health and well-being.

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