Putting safety and wellbeing first

Prime Acrobatics is committed to safeguarding and protecting all our members and visitors from abuse, particularly children, whose safety and wellbeing is central to everything we do. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and we must work together to protect people who need help and support. We have the following policies and people in place to support this.

Welfare Officers

We have a Club Welfare Officer on hand to address any welfare concerns an individual may have – Carina Brown. A Club Welfare Officer is a trained individual with responsibility for safeguarding whose role is to promote safeguarding and provide a safe environment for children and adults at risk and to respond to any concerns of harassment and abuse that are brought to their attention. Additionally, Carina uses her technical and safeguarding knowledge to deliver the Time to Listen training to Club Welfare Officers across the country for British Gymnastics and UK Coaching gymnastics-specific safeguarding courses. Not only can she ensure that the club is supported and has the most up to date knowledge, she also empowers staff to adopt a child focused approach to everything that they do when they are working within our sessions.  A number of our coaches have also completed British Gymnastics’ ‘Time To Listen’ training as well to support the welfare team and to encourage our positive, happy, healthy, child centred environment. 

Welfare Officer Carina Brown.

If you have a concern regarding the welfare of a child or adult at Prime Acrobatics, please contact us at the earliest possible opportunity – you can speak to any staff member or contact our Welfare Officer. You can do this by: 

Our Welfare Officer will follow British Gymnastics’ Safeguarding Policies and Procedures at all times and ensure that the child or adult at risk is listened to and involved in decision making. 

For reasons of confidentiality, unless you are directly involved with the child or adult over whom you have a concern, it is unlikely we will be able to update you of the progress of the issue. 

If you have reported a concern to our Welfare Officer or a member of staff at Prime and you believe we have failed to act or taken action that is unsafe, you can contact British Gymnastics directly: or call 0345 1297129. 

First Aid Training

Key members of our staff are qualified First Aiders and many of our coaches have attended training including:

  • Appointed Person Sports First Aider
  • Adrenaline Auto Injection Module
  • Automated External Defibrillator 
In-house first aid training provided by Lifeline Training

Mental Health

We are proud to have two Mental Health First Aiders among our staff as an additional layer of support for our employees. We work hard to make Prime Acrobatics a supportive and progressive place to work and we take the wellbeing of our employees as seriously as the wellbeing of our members and visitors.

Mental Health First Aiders Carina Brown and Sandra Cooper.

Policies and Procedures

You can view our policies and procedures by clicking on the links below:

We also adopt the following British Gymnastics safeguarding policies that have been released following the Whyte Review in 2020:

  • Weighing Gymnasts Policy
  • Hydration Policy
  • Academic Education Policy
  • Pain, Injury and Illness Policy

These can be viewed on the British Gymnastics website here.

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