Supporting each child to reach their potential

Preschool Classses

We operate our own reward scheme at Prime Acrobatics. It all begins in our preschool classes where our youngest members have the chance to collect stickers in their classes that build towards our foundation levels. This will next take place on the week commencing 10th June 2024.

Children will collect stickers on their own certificate to track their progress through our preschool levels 1 to 4. Once the certificate has been completed they can take it home to display proudly and show off!

After-School Classes

In our after-school classes the work and challenges continue. Three times a year everybody gets the chance to progress further and climb our reward scheme ladder. Every child is supported to reach their potential and progress at their own pace. We celebrate everyone’s hard work along the way to completing their next level. The rewards work lasts for two weeks each round. In 2024 our after-school classes rewards weeks will place during the following periods:

  • Monday 19th February to Saturday 2nd March
  • Monday 3rd to Saturday 15th June
  • Monday 4th to Saturday 16th November

Coaches will track each child’s progress on tablets during rewards scheme weeks. Children will be asked to demonstrate competency and consistency across various apparatus. Each level contains skills that cover strength, coordination, balance and much more. Children start at level 7 and move up through to level 1, with each level becoming progressively challenging. For those who have been with us for longer, they may move on to the more difficult bronze, silver and gold levels.

Children will be allocated points towards their current level each session they attend during rewards scheme weeks. There are many skills to be mastered at each level and the harder levels may take some time to achieve. Please note that not every child will be able to complete their current level each time we reach a rewards scheme period. We celebrate everyone’s effort and achievements and help the children understand that their goal of passing their current level will be reached in time.

For those who do complete their current level during one of our rewards scheme periods, certificates can take a few weeks to be ready. We aim to prepare them as soon as possible and present them at the end of class, usually two to three weeks after the current rewards scheme period has come to an end.

We provide guidance and support on our reward scheme via Prime Online – our online video library which is available exclusively to our members. Our coaching team guides parents and children through the reward scheme levels and teaches the content that is safe to practice at home. These videos are free for members to view and make use of. They are a great way for parents to understand the set of skills that their child is currently working on. Children can follow along with the coaches to get some at-home practice in ahead of the rewards weeks approaching!

To access the Prime Online video library please log in to our Club Portal here.

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