Please note, this information pack is in addition to our general Terms & Conditions.

Policy: Siblings within Preschool Classes

Please note, this policy is in addition to our general Terms & Conditions. 

  1. Purpose & Scope

At Prime Acrobatics, it is important to us that your child participates in a fun and safe environment with minimal distractions to avoid the risk of an accident or incident occurring. We want to ensure that within a parent/carer accompanied class, both the participants and any non-participating siblings remain safe. Therefore, please ensure the following when attending:

  1. Participants with a non-attending younger sibling

Parents/carers must ensure that the younger non-attending siblings are either:

  • Within a car seat at the side of the floor
  • In a carrier attached directly to the parent/carer
  • Within the play pen.
  1. Participants with a non-attending older sibling

If a sibling has been sent home or kept off nursery/ school due to illness, they will not be able to attend their sibling’s class for health and safety reasons. If they are present at our class for another reason besides illness, they may enter the gym for their younger sibling’s regular class and can either:

  • Sit at the side with an activity that will keep them busy, or;
  • Go around the gym with the parent/carer and their participating sibling but they may not join in with the activities. 

Please note that it is at the lead coach’s discretion if the older sibling will be able to move round the gym. If the class is full or busy, we may have to insist they sit at the side.

Due to the nature of the content and ages of participants in our Fun4Baby sessions older siblings may not enter the gym for these sessions.

This policy is subject to change. Last updated 24 November 2023.

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