What do we hope to achieve?

We exist to promote Fun, Learning and Exercise

We aim to provide the best teaching programmes, coaching staff and equipment to meet the needs of a large audience. We’re determined to create an unmatched “cool” atmosphere and learning environment where children and adults alike want to be. To help develop their competence in motor skills and provide the necessary building blocks to either pursue sporting excellence or to maintain a physically active life into and through adulthood. Alongside this we hope we can help tackle the community’s obesity crisis and have a positive effect on government expenditure and resources within our National Health Service.

Why is our centre necessary?

The centre has become a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. Within the 21st. century many children and adults appear to have fewer opportunities for physical activity and more are overweight, some obese. The convenience of fast foods, spending more time in front of the television or playing computer games may play a part in this. Although increases in car travel and greater concerns of potential risks of unsupervised play outdoors are also believed to have an effect.

As a consequence, the prevalence of obesity and the risk of diabetes and heart related diseases within our future children and adults continues to increase, which in turn has a detrimental effect on our national resources and the national health service. We know that failure to incorporate physical activity as part of daily life and failure to master a basic set of motor skills as a child may prove a major barrier to participation in physical activities into adulthood. This may also prevent acquisition of the necessary physical activity levels for maintenance of good health.It is also clear that fundamental movement skills underpin prowess in sport. Simplified movements form the foundations for many more complex sport specific movements, e.g. jumping, as the base to be able to perform a somersault in gymnastics. It will therefore help an athlete reach the ever-increasing demands of the sporting environment and help generate are future children for success in competition.

The disciplines of acrobatics are significant in mastering both a basic set of motor skills and in reducing body fat. Other benefits include the enhancement of one’s psychological wellbeing, self-esteem and guiding a child’s moral and social development. Due to these extensive benefits we know our new centre will lend itself to an array of people, from babies of who are establishing building blocks for future motor skills development, to adults wanting to keep fit and healthy, all the way through to professional elite competitors. With our experience and knowing what present facilities there’re in our community, we understood there was a need for this our facility.

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