Coronavirus update and our procedures

We are delighted to be open and running classes again!  

Prime has undertaken comprehensive risk assessments at every stage of our reopening in consultation with staff and prepared appropriate documentation. We have considered the risks faced by anyone who may enter our Centre and done everything reasonably practicable to minimise them, recognising that we cannot completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19.

Please carefully read this document: Operations at Prime Acrobatics during COVID-19.

This details the measures that Prime has taken to ensure that our staff, members, parents, visitors and suppliers are as safe as possible when using our Centre.


There is no requirement for parents in preschool classes to wear face coverings, however we encourage those who wish to wear a mask to help keep other families safe, particularly pregnant women, who are considered clinically vulnerable.

  • Gymnasts should not wear face coverings – current Government, BG and WHO guidelines state that face coverings are not recommended during sports activities, except on the specific advice of a doctor, because they may restrict breathing efficiency.
  • Coaches are not required to wear a face covering when working with gymnasts, however they may choose to wear one.

Please watch our Prime video for members, which details the procedures we introduced to help keep our members, parents and staff safe.