We’re committee to help protect our environment and are very fortunate to be situated in a beautiful spot within Horsell Common so we feel it is our duty to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


Initiatives include: 

  1. Our heating is created by a Bio boiler, served by wood from the common.
  2. We have used wood from the common wherever possible for signage etc.
  3. We try to be as paper-free as possible. All correspondence, news letters, invoices etc. are sent by email. Any paper or packaging received or used is re-cycled.
  4. The lights in the toilets are on a sensor system so they are only on when the toilets are being used.
  5. All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly.
  6. We encourage our members (and their parents) to share lifts whenever possible to reduce the numbers of cars on the site.


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