Wishing Clem and Erica a Happy Retirement

Clem and Erica Malcolmson

After six years as co-founders of Prime Acrobatics Erica and Clem have decided to retire from gymnastics; not an easy decision as Erica has been in the sport for 30 years and Clem, 45.

“We are both very proud of how Prime has grown to be so successful and brought enjoyment to so many young people. We thank all members for the support they have given us and wish the club every success in the years to come.”
Clem and Erica

“I have known Clem & Erica for almost 30 years, since I was a young gymnast. We came together in 2011 with the vision to create Prime; a unique space where everyone can enjoy the benefits of acrobatics activity, and our journey together has been amazing. They have both devoted their entire lives to gymnastics and what they have achieved is truly remarkable. They have laid the foundations for coach education and paved the way for modern day pre-school in our country. They have also produced British champions, Olympians, won numerous service awards and have been at the forefront of developing the sport. Throughout their years in gymnastics, they have positively influenced thousands of lives and been a huge inspiration to so many people. It is a sad moment for the club, but we should equally all be very happy for Clem and Erica, because no one deserves to be able to retire more than them. I would like to personally thank them both for everything they have done for me, Prime and our community. I’m sure you will all join me in wishing them all the best with their retirement.  Prime will always be their home, so you can be sure to still see them in the facility from time to time, say hello and enjoy a coffee.”
Chris Bowler (Coaching Director)

From left to right; founding directors Chris Bowler, Erica Malcolmson, Clem Malcolmson, Alan Bowler.