Our P.A.C class has now been launched

P.A.C – Prime Acrobatic Conditioning. 

We have now launched a brand new class for adults, which offers a unique fitness experience and workout like no other.

“Where gymnastics meets conditioning!”

This is a whole new take on working out in a fun and challenging way to improve your strength, movement and overall fitness. Run by Rob, who boasts a wealth of experience in both Gymnastics and as a Personal Trainer, will help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals without any boring repetitive rowing machines or a tedious treadmill in sight. This class is about fun and fitness for all.
Why wait until after Christmas when you can ‘tuck’ into some cardio and ‘straddle’ into shape.
Classes start on Monday 5th December and will run every Monday at 1.30pm until 2.30pm. Please call 01483 755777 for more information and to book a class.