Become a ''Prime'' member

Our membership fee gives each participant affiliation to British Gymnastics and provides the appropriate insurance cover. It also entitles you to your child’s acrobatic progress reports and achievements awards. We also offer a sibling discount when enrolling a second child.

Please call us on 01483 755777 to find out more.


Prime Acrobatics Reward Scheme:

At Prime we have devised our own reward scheme which has 10 levels of achievement – levels 7 to 1  followed by bronze, silver and gold. Each level has 13 gymnastic, acrobatic, aerial and circus skills moves for children to work towards. The progressive scheme starts at level  7 for the younger ones and we hope they will reach gold level by their teens. Details of the complete scheme are on display in the reception area so parents can keep an eye on their child’s progress. We have testing weeks 3 times a year and the rewards are given in the form of certificates for levels 7 to 1 and medals for bronze, silver and gold. We expect each child to achieve one level per year, though they may achieve more when they start, but as the levels get harder it takes longer to gain the levels.

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