Coronavirus update and our procedures

Prime has undertaken comprehensive risk assessments at every stage of our reopening in consultation with staff and prepared appropriate documentation. We have considered the risks faced by anyone who may enter our Centre and done everything reasonably practicable to minimise them, recognising that we cannot completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19.

Please carefully read this document: Operations at Prime Acrobatics during COVID-19.

This details the measures that Prime has taken to ensure that our staff, members, parents, visitors and suppliers are as safe as possible when using our Centre.

Because of the current exceptionally high infection rates we have temporarily introduced some new measures with immediate effect to help keep our staff and members safe:

  • As previously, members, staff and visitors must follow current NHS isolation rules and travel/ quarantine rules.
  • Members, visitors and staff are asked not to enter our facility if they feel or appear to be unwell, unless they have tested negative for Covid-19 in the previous 24 hours. We may ask you to leave if we have good reason to believe you may be infectious.

Face coverings

·       Although not mandatory in leisure facilities by law, we are now asking all staff and to wear a face covering throughout our centre, including the gym, unless they are exempt, or when exercising, eating, drinking or presenting educational content. Staff will wear a face covering when coaching, except where safety could be compromised, eg a coach believes a gymnast is/ gymnasts are unable to hear or lip-read clearly their instructions when they are wearing a face covering.

·       We continue to strongly advise all parents participating in pre-school classes to wear a face covering in the gym (unless exempt) to help keep other families safe, particularly pregnant women and others who may be clinically vulnerable. If you have not previously worn a face covering in class, please consider wearing one now while rates are so very high. Coaches in preschool classes will read a set script to ensure our messaging is consistent.

·       All visitors and members over the age of 11 (unless exempt) must now wear a face covering when using communal spaces at the club, ie reception, kitchen/ café area and toilet facilities.

·       Face coverings should not be worn when exercising or performing gymnastics.

·       Out of respect for those who are exempt, we won’t be directly challenging anyone who isn’t wearing a face covering, but we do ask that you comply with these new measures if possible so we can keep our members and staff as safe as possible.

Testing and reporting for Covid-19

·       Staff who have one shift per week have been asked to perform a lateral flow test the evening before they come to work. Staff who have two or more shifts per week have been asked to perform lateral flow tests at least twice a week.

·       Parents are kindly asked to ensure that school-age children in classes at Prime are regularly tested, and ideally in the 24 hours prior to their class.

·       NHS Test and Trace does not notify Prime of individual cases; they only contact us if several cases have been reported by people who have been at Prime on the same day (this has happened once in the 18 months since we re-opened). If your child tests positive and has been at Prime in the 48 hours prior to showing symptoms or testing positive, please email so we can send an email to parents (and coaches) in that class for their information. No names or other details will be mentioned, other than that a case has been reported.